San Juan Island

Jason and I spent most of this weekend on San Juan Island. We had the opportunity to stay in a great condo in Friday Harbor, close enough to walk to/from the ferry. Here’s a quick pic out our front window:

View from our living room

We didn’t have the greatest weather, but still we still ventured out to explore Friday Harbor… It took about 15 min. walking. We also hung out around the condo, Jason worked on getting this website up and running while I took on the task of solving Sudoku puzzles.  On Saturday night we made our way over to Roche Harbor and did “dock-walking” as one of the boaters so eloquently described it. Some of those boats are bigger than my apartment! And by some, I mean most. We ate dinner at Madrona Bar & Grill which is located in the former home of John S. McMillin.

Former home of John S. McMillin

Jason and I also got a special treat in Roche Harbor. My new passport doesn’t have any stamps in it yet, so the Customs officer stationed in Roche Harbor was kind enough to give me my first stamp (thanks Dad!).

First stamp!

Jason and I enjoyed our stay, but are happy to be home. I don’t think I would survive long on an island. Some people love living there because you’re secluded and can get away from everything, but that’s exactly what I don’t like. I rather deal with the fast paced life and continue enjoying my easy access to Target, Fred Meyer and even WalMart.

I would like to leave you with these parting pictures. Thanks for the laugh San Juan!

They have the funniest signs!

Jason wasn't happy that I made him pose with Sarah Palin

"Put your butts here"


Jason set up this website… mostly for us, but we’re happy you came to visit too. We plan to post pictures and stories from our day-to-day life, which will hopefully include traveling, food, and maybe some stuff about cars.

Thanks for stopping by!

-Malorie and Jason