Happy Holidays!

Jason and I are thinking that we might over-committed a little bit this Christmas season – 10 parties/dinners/lunches in 9 days, and we were still working most of the week! Jason’s company was in the middle of moving into a new building as well, so he was working even longer days than normal. Needless to say, he was falling asleep on every couch in sight and I almost had a breakdown over forgetting to make a Jello salad.  It was a little bit crazy but we made it and enjoyed every minute of it!

My little niece stole the show at all of my families’ events and every time you have Jason’s family with 4 boys, 3 dogs, and a cat, it’s always a good time!  Laughter was all around us and that’s exactly how we wanted to spend our holidays.

They say that a picture’s worth a thousand words, so these should describe our Christmas pretty well…

Shilah wearing her Christmas present from Auntie Mal

Shilah wearing her Christmas present from Auntie Mal (click on picture to enlarge)

Malorie's family

Malorie's family