Jason and I were very thankful to be able to go up to Alaska for Thanksgiving this year. We got to meet our new nephew Robby, play with Shilah, and visit with my sister and brother-in-law.

Jason and Malorie

I’m not sure if Robby was on his best behavior because we were there or if he really is just a perfect little baby. He was generally very content and didn’t fuss much. He would sit in his bouncy seat or be held and just look around at the world around him.


I may be biased, but I think Shilah is super fun! She would come in the bathroom with me each morning and put makeup on with me (I learned after the first day to only give her the makeup brushes… Apparently she can get the cap off of my eyeliner).


And of course, we can’t forget Toby, the dog. He’s had a hard time getting used to the idea that these kids need more attention than him, but he’s figuring it out. (And yes, that is my dorky brother-in-law in the background.)


We all chipped in to make a delicious Thanksgiving meal and ate until we were ill, which I consider to be a success. 🙂


Our afternoon was pretty laid back. We just hung out with the kids, watched some football, the usual Thanksgiving stuff.  Jason put “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” on his iPad and was instantly Shilah’s best friend.

Shilah and Jason

Malorie and Robby

Malorie, Jason and Shilah

That evening we bundled up and went over to some of Jenn and Josh’s friends’ house. It was fun getting to meet some of their friends and see more of their life in Alaska. Here’s us all dressed up and ready to go!

The Schouten family

Jason, Malorie, Shilah and Robby

Jason and I hope that you enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving as well!


Auntie Mal

I am the proud “Auntie” of my little niece Shilah Joy. She was born on August 31 in Anchorage, AK and before I even met her I felt we had a connection – quite possibly since we share the same middle name.  She was almost a month old before I was able to make my way up to see her, but I don’t think I missed too much. She was still on the eat, sleep, cry, repeat schedule when I got there. She loves to be swaddled up and held, which worked out well for me since the only plans I had for that week were to hold her and hang out with her.  I tried to help my sister out some too, but you know, she just couldn’t really compete with Shilah for my attention.

I had a great time while I was up in Alaska – I got to see my sis and bro-in-law, meet my niece, and take a vacation… In fact, I think I sat around and watched more TV that week than I usually do in 6 months! It was great!  I’m looking forward to seeing all three of them again for Christmas this year. But for now, looks like I’ll just have to enjoy the pictures I have and wait patiently for December to come…

Auntie Mal & Shilah

Auntie Mal & Shilah

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