As most of you have probably heard, it was announced on Tuesday that the hotel I work at, Semiahmoo Resort, will be closing on December 1, 2012.  We’ve seen lower business levels the last few years with the recession, and I think David Syre’s bankruptcy finally just put things over the edge. (David Syre is a part-owner of the Resort.)  They’re still hopeful a buyer might step forward, but nothing has materialized yet.

The WARN Act requires companies with more than 100 employees to give their employees 60 days notice before closing and laying off all of their employees. We were given this notice on October 30 and will technically be employed until December 31.  Since we are closing to the public on December 1, it is my understanding that the month of December will just be used to close up the Resort and do all of the clean up and organizing needed to prepare it for a future company to hopefully purchase and re-open the hotel.

It was obviously hard news for all of the employees to hear. Knowing your losing your job, as well as losing your “Semiahmoo family” has been incredibly difficult. I’ve worked at Semiahmoo for 6 ½ years and that’s still not very long compared to quite a few of my co-workers. Some of the employees have worked at Semiahmoo since it opened 25 years ago.

I spent most of last week working through all 5 stages of grief on a daily basis. It’s been interesting to see some co-workers stuck in denial, some stuck in the “if only,” some stuck in depression, some stuck in anger, and some have already moved on to acceptance. I would say I’ve spent more time in the depression stage. The first couple of days after we heard I would just come home and sit around on the couch. I didn’t have any energy to do anything and I didn’t want to talk to anyone.  I think I’ve moved past that stage, but I wouldn’t say I’ve fully accepted things yet.  It’s hard to think about working somewhere else since I’ve been working at Semiahmoo since I was 19 years old!

I have been tossing around quite a few ideas of what I might like to do next. Whatcom County doesn’t really have any other large meeting facilities, so it looks like a career change is probably in my future. I’m hoping to use the next couple of weeks to narrow down what I might like to do… and also work on my resume.

Jason and I would definitely appreciate your prayers as we try to sort things out and determine what the future might hold for us. This definitely wasn’t in our plans for the future, but we trust that God already knew about this bump in the road and that He has a better plan for us.