This past week a good friend of mine called to vent a little about the struggles of being a newlywed. She got married last summer and as she talked, it so reminded me of when Jason and I were first married. Joining lives really isn’t as easy as we seem to think it should be.

Jason and I dated for 3 years before getting married, so luckily we had gotten over some of the most trivial issues – toilet paper over or under, silverware in the dishwasher pointed up or down, the proper way to load the dishwasher in general, etc. Even after tackling those “major” first world problems issues, we still had a LOT to learn about each other and a lot to learn to compromise on.

After our conversation was over (and I hope she was encouraged a little) I had time to reflect on the fact that every example I had of Jason and I was past tense. I realized we don’t run into those squabbles and misunderstandings nearly as often now. Whether it’s because we’ve learned each other’s quirks now or because we’re quicker to extend grace and try not to jump to conclusions about things, it’s nice to feel that comfort with each other. It helped me better understand what joining our lives means and gave me, yet again, such an appreciation for Jason and our life together.

It also made me realize our anniversary is in a week and a half and I totally forgot! For those of you keeping track, the answer is 3 years… How long does it take for Malorie (who’s terrible with remembering birthdays/anniversaries/milestone dates) to forget about her own anniversary? 3 years.