The Nog Face-Off

I saw a Facebook post comparing the health/calorie differences between traditional dairy egg nog and a non-dairy almond nog, which got me thinking… I currently have traditional dairy egg nog, non-dairy almond nog, and non-dairy coconut nog in my fridge. It’s time to take these comparisons to the next level. It’s time for a nog face-off!


First of all, a serving size is ½ cup, which is represented in these pictures. I’m guessing most of us should double the calorie/fat/sugar content listed because when was the last time you poured yourself this small of a glass of egg nog?

For the stats, I’ve labeled them as “Traditional,” “Coconut,” and “Almond.” I put a picture of the nutrition facts of each below, but have highlighted some of the most commonly looked at stats.

Traditional – Darigold brand from Costco, $7.99 for two half gallons = $2.11 per liter
Coconut – So Delicious brand from Fred Meyer, $2.99 (on sale) = $3.34 per liter
Almond – Califia Farms from Haggen, $4.99 for one and a half quarts = $3.56 per liter

Traditional, 190 – Coconut, 90 – Almond, 50

Total Fat:
Traditional, 8 grams – Coconut, 2.5 grams – Almond, 1.5 grams

Traditional, 19 grams – Coconut, 15 grams – Almond, 8 grams


Now for the texture/creaminess and flavor rakings…



Texture/creaminess: The traditional obviously has the creaminess you’d expect from egg nog. Thick and rich, heavy but still goes down smooth.
Rank: 1st place

Flavor:  I’ll be the first to admit that my judgment on flavor might be a little skewed, due to the fact that I rarely eat/drink any dairy products. This one definitely has a milky richness that easily stops me from drinking too much of it. The spices added gave it good flavor and it had, what I consider, just about the right amount of sugar (maybe a tad too much, but it was pretty good).
Rank: 2nd place



Texture/creaminess:  While the coconut nog had a sort of creaminess to it, it was definitely the thinnest or most “watery” nog. I was still pleasantly surprised by how creamy it was, but if you like a good, thick nog, this isn’t your best bet.
Rank: 3rd place

Flavor: I thought the spices added to this one were perfect! It’s a little on the sweet side, I think due to the fact that coconut milk is already a little sweet, but I really enjoyed the flavor. If you don’t like coconut, you won’t like this one though. You can definitely taste the coconut, but I loved the spices and thought the flavors blended together perfectly.
Rank: 1st place



Texture/creaminess: Though not quite as thick as the traditional egg nog, the almond nog definitely came close. I was actually surprised at how thick they were able to make it, since plain almond milk is quite watery.
Rank: 2nd place

Flavor: Out of all three, this one underwhelmed me a little bit. The flavor that was there was ok, it was just too mild for my taste. If you’re not a huge fan of egg nog, you might like this one because it wasn’t nearly as sweet and the spices added were much more subdued. I prefer my nog to taste like nog though, which is why this one gets…
Rank: 3rd place

That wraps it up. Now go enjoy some nog!