I’ve Got That Pregnant Feelin’

I’m feeling quite pregnant today, which is probably because I am indeed 8 months pregnant. I feel like I’ve stayed pretty trim throughout pregnancy so far, but every now and then I look at myself in the mirror and think, “When did I get this big?!” Today was one of those days. I noticed my knees ache a little, my lower back hurts a little, and I seem to bump my stomach into everything. It’s like that awkward, gangly puberty growth spurt, when you don’t know the dimensions of your own body and just clumsily navigate life.

My “pregnant feeling” was accentuated today by the fact that three strangers commented on my pregnancy today. All in all, I think I’ve done fairly well to make it 8 months without any comments from strangers or unapproved belly touches, but that made my three comments in one day seem a little over the top. Apparently I AM looking more pregnant today.

The first comment was from a sweet elderly lady at Grace Café. I had just ordered my lunch and was sitting down at a table when I glanced over at a couple of older gals having lunch together a couple tables over. One was already looking at me, so I smiled at her and sat down. She leaned my way and said, “You just look so cute.” Not that I don’t usually get this *cough, cough* but I think she was referring to baby bump.

The second comment came from a guy we passed in an aisle at the grocery store. It took me a second to catch his meaning when he said, “I hope it’s contagious, will you breathe on her (pointing to his wife)?” We saw him the next aisle over and he made sure to point out his wife again and we all had a good laugh.

The third comment came from a robust African American woman in the produce department.  Jason and I were actually prepared for it to be the first “stranger belly touch” but she refrained. We did get stuck between her and a couple food displays, discussing the baby’s gender, how far along I am, how he’s sitting, how far apart we should have future kids, etc. before we had to graciously excuse ourselves to finish our grocery shopping.

I do think all of the comments were sweet and I find it interesting how the excitement of a new life coming into this world is enough to break down the standard social barriers of talking with strangers. I’m interested to see how this next month goes!